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Pierre Jefferson

My name is Pierre Jefferson a black artist' who has been

deeply committed for over 40 years to doing my best

to expressing my inner most feelings drawing and

painting portraiture of people.

My main focus is to do art that reflects realism! I enjoy

the challenge of doing a human face that seems true

to life as possible.

During childhood I loved sketching cartoons! and

learned from making mistakes and each new

drawing was easier to do and finish sooner.

Actually I'm self taught.

My artwork can be viewed on Social Media

Black Master of Visual Art & Black Artist

by Pierre Jefferson.

Titles and details for each drawing

1. Portrait of a young black Man.

16 X 20 .. Done with dark sepia

tone pencil.

2. African Princess . 18 X 24 , done in blueish tint with

pale pink and yellow pencil.

3. Little Black Girls. 16 X 20 - done in Amber sepia

tone pencil.

.4. Christ Head. 10 X 12 - done in Amber Sepia Tone pencil.

Cover Photo: A Mothers Milk. 16 X 24 done in Sepia Tone pencil.

Feel free to email Pierre at:

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