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Why Vision Boards?

People always ask me “Why do you hold vision board workshops?” My answer is always the same – “People need to have a positive vision for their lives.”

“Where there is no vision, the people perish,” Proverbs 29:18.

Where there lacks vision, hope or a plan, success and prosperity cannot exist. Have you ever been depressed or felt hopeless? I have been in that dry place of bleakness and despair. I wasn’t motivated to do anything about my circumstances. I could only see the effects of the situation that I was in at the time. I wasn’t able to entertain the possibility of change until I was introduced to a new way of thinking.

Most people that are caught up in a vicious cycle of residual losses have one thing in common – “stinking thinking.” Stinking thinking keeps you in a place of a bondage 

and repeated behaviors that lead to failure. People in this state of mind, truly don’t know how to change their lives because they cannot see beyond what is happening in their here and now. These individuals begin to believe they are their failures. They begin to identify with the disappointments of life and literally become them.

Visions Revealed seeks to alter a negative perception and transform it into a new and positive way of thinking. Once you change the way that you view yourself – you can begin to embrace who you were created to be and truly reach your full potential!


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