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What our supporters are saying.....

See what our volunteers and supporters have to say about their experiences with Visions Revealed! You have to experience it for yourself to truly appreciate the impact that it will have on the youth as well as yourself!

The Volunteer Coordinator of the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center expresses her experience with Visions Revealed.

Jacqueline Brackett

Every time I watch my interview it brings tears to my eyes! I love how authentic it is. You all really bring the truth out of people. I’m getting so much positive feedback from it, which is motivating me to stay focused on my goals! Keep up the AWESOME work!

Dominique Hunt

 I enjoyed meeting with the girls in seprate groups. This allow me to encourage each set of young ladies differently. It's not often, one is given an opportunity to use their gifts to speak life into such impressionable individuals. Live, Love, and Encourage is a model strive to live by. So it is my hope I was able encourage the young ladies in a positive way.  Thanks!

Kionte Watkins

"The greatest indicator of success is the level of operation within your purpose/passion. As I ministered within the Juvenile Detention Center I was being fed. The experience was an ability to operate in my purpose and brought me assurance that I am moving in the right direction. Children/Youth have a light of innocence that the world attempts to cover, but working with youth in any stage brings the purest form of joy. They bring a light that pierces."

Shirley Bell-Wheeler

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